“Want to see a miracle? Be the miracle!”

That is the gist of my daily reading this morning. I come to think, every day we get caught up with our own priorities and curse when things don’t go our way but what if we live in a world where everything is perfect, where you get through life unscathed with flaws or mishaps? Wouldn’t that be… boring? I know, I know, you may think I’m having a great day today and really, it’s a break you need at this moment (come on, it’s Monday after all, weekends should be worth 3 days top) but just think, a life of four clovers EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF A MINUTE OF EVERYDAY? FUN, yes, but fast forward when you die, can you say to yourself that life was worth it? Or was it predictable?

Yeah, thought so too!

Life with flaws, mishaps and something to curse at is definitely more of an ideal mortal life on earth. Yup, it can be tiring and we’d wish that everything we want to have or happen will just come to fruition in a snap (Z formation znap, znap optional ) but that is not what God had in mind. He created these flaws just like the apple in the Garden of Eden for a purpose. His purpose is for us to grow, learn and find little nooks of miracles in the universe because that’s just how He rolls! He likes to shock us with little surprises here and there after we curse at Him for seemingly abandoning us. (Yes you are guilty!) You want to know something else? We are created with a little red button that I’d like to call “miracle fart”. We are created to be a miracle machine aside from being what you want to be. It’s auto pilot in us.   

I would be very hypocrite if I say that this is an easy breezy task to just push this red button but sometimes it seems that God changes its location elsewhere in our system which is why we have to have effort in finding it. Double effort if we want to find it during desperate times in which we’d probably give up and it’s when God reboots our system but mostly after when we’d die down of exhaustion and we’d call to Him for help.

This is an excerpt in my reading:

“Instead of looking for a proof of God’s handiwork in magic tricks, find it in the moment. Instead of looking for miracles from above, find them within. Instead of looking for heaven somewhere else, create a slice of it here. Instead of looking for a sign of God’s presence in a burning bush, a lightning bolt, or a crying statue, be present, and you’ll experience God everywhere.”

 After all the brouhaha in our universe, it’s a comforting thought God made us this way and He made life this way too! It’s not exactly a match made in heaven, but it’s a compliment match preparing us for heaven. And when you start your third round of cursing for the day, just pause, think, find that red button and be surprise that you are your little pouch of gold along your rainbow and others too!

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