First weekend of 2013: Friday, flyday

They say first impression lasts, and if there’s any consolation to that , I would gladly accept given the fact that my first weekend of the year was a blast!

January 4 was Apple’s birthday. It was so sweet of her mom to throw her a surprise party :) I think we pulled it off based on her “surprised” face.


Is the gif fast? slow? IDC. mahahahahaha

What’s really nice about this night is that after how many months of planning and debating (to the point of betting) for our HS batch’s reunion, it only took one birthday party for us to come together. (But now, now, it’s really the free food  we are after of and the company…and the free food) What can I say? We may not put much effort on seeing each other (IT IS A SAD FACT), but when the serendipity arise, it sure is one belly-aching, insightful and sweet session! 

And what is a reunion without reminiscing? HAHAHA

Gosh, I am in love with each and everyone of these people! I’ve seen them grow up, literally and figuratively speaking!!

After Apple’s birthday, we decided to hang out at Pem-pem’s mansion up north. 

That was a good night, man. Good night, indeed!! 

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